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Decking plank

Wooden and polymer composites are one of the most prospect modern materials differing with high operational characteristics and wide spectrum of applications. The production of wooden and polymer composite materials (WPC) was started in end 80-s years of the previous century. Today enterprises on production of products of WPC are in most countries of the world. As for now the leading positions in creation and import thereof are taken by USA and Canada, however the production of such materials expands steadily in Europe and Asia, Russia and Ukraine.

The reasons for active development of this group of materials are:

  • Good ratio of price and quality indexes;
  • Evident ecological advantages in production and application;
  • Long-term life of products, low expenses on assembling works and operation (clearing, repair).

Wooden and polymer composite is produced of mixture of crushed wood or analogue cellulose containing raw materials, thermoplastic polymers, with addition of small quantities of additives and colourants. When we use the term WPC in fact we imply the wide group of materials which differ considerably in composition and properties. There is no yet acknowledged classification of wooden and polymer composites. By mechanical durability WPC are close to thermoplastics and to wood. (about 20-40 MPa). The durability of specific recipe of composite depends upon its chemical composition and density. Our company “TardeX” applies the recipe based on polyethylene and wood powder (oak, ash, beech) which is the most often used in USA and Europe.

Areas of application

Our decking plank WPC can be used successfully for covering of garden terraces, around the pool, at quays, water pontoons, at cafes on summer sites and many other applications

Composite decking plank

Usage of modern materials in construction and decoration of premises considerably eases the life of house owners. So, for example, more and more people prefer to use modern wooden and polymer composite (WPC) as the flooring for different objects such as terraces, arbors and even quays. The combination of reliability of plastic excellent in its quality and reservation of all the advantages of wooden decking plank makes this material irreplaceable. And the term of its life is calculated with tens of years.

WPC – the best material for decking planks

When equipping the terrace one should consider the importance of covering of its floor. For each open object it is important that the floor would not be affected with rotting, damaging by insects or fungus diseases, and, of course, would be resistant to temperature difference. The term of usage of selected flooring is not less important. Thus the optimal option is the decking planks made of WPC or liquid wood. The composition of this material includes natural wood and binding polymer. The special technology of production allows to combine all the advantages of plastic and natural wood, at the same time finished plank is absolutely not harmful. It does not contain poisons and in case of necessity it can be repeatedly reprocessed or utilized with the usual garbage.

Selection of decking planks

Of course, before the purchase of decking planks many people ask themselves questions related, a s a rule, to selection of this composite material. But upon appearance of Tardex products at the market for most of them this problem was resolved. The native producer LLC “OTIS TARDA” succeeded in creation at the modern equipment of material excellent in its quality, which is acceptable to operation in any conditions. Despite the fact that it is hard to say that the price as set for decking planks is cheap, it proves itself. Thus when estimating the value please consider that the term of its service will be not less than 20 years, at the same time its external appearance will not change and all the advantages will be kept, it does not require any additional treatment or soaking. Besides you can save also on laying: many ones can install such flooring by themselves.

Decking planks of WPC is a safe choice for street objects. It is not important at which exact object did you decide to make a floor of decking planks, in Dnipropetrovsk you can use them in arbors, at terraces, quays or garden roads. Such planks do not burn, resistant to corrosion, it will not fade or crack, it will not be damaged even by sudden temperature difference. And handling of this material is a pure enjoyment. It will not be difficult even to bring in order the garden roads after winter: it will be enough just to wash them.