Warranty conditions for the products of TM "Tardex"

1. Guarantee period
The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the product, the date of which is indicated in the shipping documents and is:

  • Three years for individual households.
  • Year for commercial use.

2. Warranty terms
During the above period, subject to the observance of the rules for care and storage, operation and implementation of the installation recommendations, the company guarantees to the buyer:

  • Profile resistance to defects. Deformations such as cracks, chips, changes in dimensions due to the impact of climatic and environmental factors will not appear on the decking board made of WPC TM “Tardex”.
  • Compliance with the specified longitudinal and transverse bending tolerances.

Buckling (up to 10 mm at a length of 1 m) of the profile is not a defect (this is a specific production). The quality of installation and further operation of the profile is not affected, since the board is easily fixed with clips and takes on an even shape.

Transverse bending (up to 5 mm at a length of 1 m) of the profile is not a defect (this is a specific production). With this bend, the board should be patterned in one direction. The first board is fastened on a level, and the existing bend is tightened with clips. Subsequent boards are attached as well.

Normal color stabilization. The profiles are dyed in bulk and over time the color stabilization occurs naturally without losing the basic color tone. As this is a wood based product, natural discoloration should be expected over time due to exposure to UV radiation and moisture. Color stabilization may occur during the first months (depending on weather conditions), which does not indicate any defect.


3.The non-warranty case is:

  • Failure to comply with the instructions for installation, operation and care of products, as well as transportation and storage of products.
  • Presentation of products with obvious mechanical damage.
  • Intentional or accidental damage to products, which also include the use of metal shovels or tools with sharp edges to remove snow or ice from the surface of the product, etc.
  • If the surface of the product is damaged or punctured.
  • Direct or indirect contact with extreme heat sources exceeding 90 ° C, which may cause discoloration, deformation or other damage to the product.
  • Movement, deformation, destruction or subsidence of the soil or other base (concrete foundation, etc.) on which the decking is installed.
  • Exposure to aggressive media (acids, alkalis, etc.).
  • Contamination of the terrace board with coloring agents, including difficult-to-remove dirt from berries, fats, etc.
  • Natural discoloration is not a product defect.
  • If the product was installed in violation of the installation technology.

4. Procedure for making a claim for this product

  • To make claims, the buyer must, within 14 days from the date of shipment of the goods, send to the representative of TM “Tardex”; – description and photographs of the Products, which the buyer considers to be of poor quality; – documents on the purchase of goods.
  • Claims are accepted before the installation of a decking from WPC TM “Tardex”.
  • The claim is considered within 5 working days from the date of its receipt. In cases where the rules binding on both parties or an agreement provide for the right to recheck rejected products by the manufacturer, claims related to the quality and completeness of products are considered within 10 working days.
  • After confirmation by the authorized representative of TM “Tardex” of such a claim, TM “Tardex” will be responsible for: replacement of defective products, or reimbursement of that part of the cost of products that was paid by the buyer and recognized as defective.
  • Replacement by the manufacturer of defective products does not entail reimbursement of the cost of work, transportation costs, taxes and other costs, unless otherwise provided in the contract. Replacement material provided will be of a color, design, and quality match with the replacement material, within tolerances.

5. Exchange and return of TM “Tardex” products

  • Exchange of goods in accordance with Art. 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Rights and Obligations of the Consumer” is adopted within 14 days from the date of purchase of the goods. Exchange and return of goods of good quality is made if it has not been used and if its presentation is preserved.
  • Non-standard cut products cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • The difference in color within a half-tone cannot be exchanged or returned.

Replacement or return of defective products by the manufacturer does not entail reimbursement of the cost of assembly (disassembly) of such products, transportation costs, taxes and other costs. The replacement material provided will be of the same color, design and quality as close to the replacement material, taking into account the manufacturing process of the product and possible design changes. An exact match is not guaranteed.