The best solution for cladding — WPC siding








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There is a large amount of material for facing walls of buildings. Everyone wants to create an original style for your apartments, houses, loggias and balconies. However, when choosing a decorative facade and wall panels need to consider not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the reliability of the selected material. System of hinged ventilated facades from DPK — a new high-tech material to protect Your home. Easy to install, attractive appearance, reliability — this is not a complete list of benefits of facades made of WPC over other types of coating materials. Ventilated facades made of wood – plastic composite look like natural wood. Ventilated facades from DPK (siding) — flame retardant material that provides additional protection from fire. Thanks to this finish, the noise level in the house is reduced almost by a third. The material used in the production of ventilated facades, environmentally friendly, resistant to mildew, rot and pests and is not afraid of mechanical influences and UV rays. The facades of the duodenum is not deformed and do not change its properties at temperatures from -40 to 70 °C. If the architect or the designer decided to clad the house with the help of ventilated facades, he made the right decision. The fact that the house itself may be made of any material and have the best view. Facing such a house with natural wood or facing brick is expensive both from the point of view of the price and with the perspective of time. Installation of ventilated facades under force even to a person who is not very familiar with construction, so you can save time and money. Wall panel WPC not only will protect the walls of your house, apartment, balcony, but also will give a unique aesthetic look. Using for wall siding from WPC whose price matches the quality, you can forget about frequent repairs. However, we must remember that only a professional approach in installation, guarantees you long-lasting service wall panels made of WPC.

Characteristics of WPC siding

The cellular structure
The composition of the hardwood – 70% polyethylene – 25% additives – 5%
Applied types of wood
Used varieties of hardwood
Plank dimensions
Board size 191 x 16 x 2200 (on request up to 6000 mm)
Weight of standard plank (L = 2200)
Square of standard plank (L = 2200)
Water absorption
under 1 %
Temperature range of usage
– 60 to +80
Relative linear thermal expansion
From 0.2% to 0.5%
Term of usage
over 25 years