Fences made of wood-polymer composite allow not only to protect the area from prying eyes, but also really original to design it. One of the main advantages of the PDK, thanks to which this material is chosen by consumers – is its appearance, as close as possible to natural wood, but completely devoid of the disadvantages of this material.

The main features of fences and fences made of composite material:

The boards are like a tree

Protected from rotting, microorganisms, fungus and mold

Don't be afraid of moisture

Keep in shape for many years

Сохраняют форму на протяжении многих лет

Great for country plots

Long life

Simple and fast installation

Why you should choose fences from the DPC

As we have noted above, the composition of the material from which such fences are made is several times superior to wood, but not inferior to it in external characteristics. This effect is achieved by combining wood flour and polymers, forming a durable material that is not afraid of moisture and other external influences. In addition to the long life of the fence from the DPC, this design also does not require additional treatment with special substances: paints, varnishes, impregnation, etc. In the matter of designing the exterior is no less important appearance. And this is another good reason why fences made of composite material have become so popular. Boards from the PDK for external barriers will fit into the landscape design of a country house, a commercial institution, an apartment complex or any other building.

The cost of a fence made of composite material

Of course, the price of the fence from the MPC depends on many parameters – starting from the type of material chosen, the size of the site and the height of the fence itself. But even in the initial stages of calculations you will be able to notice that the fencing structure of composite boards will cost several times cheaper than a brick fence, and the timing of installation of the latter is not even worth comparing. While metal fences are mounted as quickly as the fences from the MPC, but the metal structure not only corrodes, but also requires painting and constant care to prevent damage to the material