Decorative strap










Decorative strap belongs to the category of wood siding, is widely used in the upholstery of country houses and cottages. When you select siding, you need to consider several factors, durability, and affordability, the complexity of care, appearance and decorative perspective your site and many other nuances associated with the front boards of various types. Of course, each product can be found a buyer, and the advantages and disadvantages, each material for facade boards.

WPC decorative plank is a modern, if not innovative, material for finishing. Until recently, products made from composite wood has mostly been used for flooring, such as decking. However, the production of products is constantly growing and there are more products of WPC, decking, garden flooring, fencing for plots, terraces and even flower beds. Front panel made of WPC, a new invention in the field of wooden construction. The feature of the production of facade boards from composite wood lies in its disposability, in contrast to the planing of wood and the addition of polymers, safe for health, and therefore we get a sufficient environmental friendliness of the material similar to the product made of natural wood. The polymers included in the composition of the wood composite provides high strength and flexibility of the product, as well as protect the panel from exposure to insects, fungi and other parasites. In contrast to conventional wood for WPC Board practically don’t need to care, i.e. annual cover protective oils, lacquers or impregnations, due to the fact that the Board does not rot, cracking or deformation over time, saving you time and money. And that’s not all the advantages of facade panels from WPC.

Considering our climate, with constant temperature changes and precipitation, facade boards made of WPC will be a great choice in finishing your house, because neither rain nor snow, nor cold, nor heat it is not terrible, because the polymer composite is able to withstand temperatures from -50 to +70 degrees Celsius, has a moisture resistant, strong resistance to fading in the sun, warp in the heat or cold.

Features decorative mouldings made of WPC

The cellular structure
The composition of the hardwood – 70% polyethylene – 25% additives – 5%
Applied types of wood
Used varieties of hardwood
Plank dimensions
Board size 192 x 13 x 2200 (on request up to 6000 mm)
Weight of standard plank (L = 2200)
Square of standard plank (L = 2200)
Water absorption
under 1 %
Temperature range of usage
– 60 to +80
Relative linear thermal expansion
From 0.2% to 0.5%
Term of usage
over 25 years



Ground joist (30х40х2200)


Angle (25х55х2200)


Clamp for assembling


Reinforcing ground joist (50х30х2200)


Angle (45х45х2200)


Reinforcing clamp


Reinforced polymer clip