WPC profile technical data

Our company is a large domestic manufacturer of decking (decking) made of wood-polymer composite (hereinafter referred to as WPC TM “Tardex”).

Wood-polymer composite is an alternative building material for anyone who prefers wood finishes.

For the production of WPC TM “Tardex”, a composite material is used, consisting of:

– crushed natural wood flour (oak, ash, beech, etc.) 70%.
– polymer binders 28%.
– additives (dyes, stabilizers and modifiers) 2%.

1. Multi-shade decking (decking)

A halftone is a medium color that links two related shades.
Hue – a slight change in color within a hue.
Tone is the main characteristic by which color is called.

WPC decking of TM “Tardeх” is 70% made of natural wood flour of hard wood species.
Wood flour can have different density and structure, as a result, it can absorb dyes in different ways, which can lead to different shades of products.
The color variation of the decking is normal and effectively emphasizes the natural texture of the wood.

A color difference is allowed within a semitone:

  • The sample presented to the buyer and the manufactured terrace board ТМ “Tardeх”;
  • terrace board ТМ “Tardeх”, produced in one batch

2. Permissible bending of decking
Buckling (up to 10 mm at a length of 1 m) of the profile is not a defect (this is a specific production). The quality of installation and further operation of the profile is not affected, since the board is easily fixed with clips and takes on an even shape.

Bending (up to 5 mm at a length of 1 m) of the profile is not a defect (this is a specific production). With this bend, the board should be patterned in one direction. The first board is fastened on a level, and the existing bend is tightened with clips. Subsequent boards are attached as well.

Bending mounting method

3. Base length of the profile
The profile (board / facade, etc.) is produced with a length tolerance of -4 / + 9 mm. A slight excess of the profile length is not a defect, since this does not affect the quality of the profile and its further operation.

4. WPC profile color stabilization
During the operation of the WPC decking board in open areas, slight natural color stabilization is allowed under the influence of sunlight.
Color stabilization is a process that takes place with every type of wood. This process takes place during the first 2-16 weeks of operation. This process does not affect the quality and durability of the product. In the process of natural stabilization, the color of the board becomes lighter, which gives it its natural characteristic color.