Facade systems

WPC siding panels are complete outside-mounted ventilated facade systems that perform several functions simultaneously. In addition to the decorative design of the exterior of the house and the protection of the walls, facade systems also perform a heat and noise-insulating function, prevent corrosion, the development of mold, fungus and rot.

It is worth noting that ventilated facade systems made of WPC are also an original decorative practice. Externally, such siding is similar to natural wood, which creates the effect of covering with solid block of boards, but at the same time it eliminates the inconveniences that may arise when using natural material.

Features of facade systems made of WPC.

Facing siding panels are manufactured in accordance with standard sizes or in accordance with the developed project. A wood-polymer composite consisting of wood flour, polymer and dyes is used as the base material. Composition of siding made from WPC:
  • wood flour and mixtures of various wood species – 70%
  • polymers – 25%
  • binding materials and dyes – 5%

This composition has the advantages of wood — its attractive appearance, pleasant tactile sensations, warmth, but is devoid of its disadvantages — it does not rot, It is not impervious to moisture, protected from the action of direct sun rays, temperature changes, the effects of microorganisms, plants, etc.

An important feature is the safety of facade systems made of composite material. The whole point is that WPC siding does not support combustion, which prevents the development of fire and protects the structure from damage

Composite facing panels are used for:

Benefits of facade systems from MPC

In terms of design, it is a material with an attractive appearance that will allow you to diversify the exterior of any building. A properly installed system will be a functional addition to the house.

Facade systems made of WPC:

Easy to install and saves you time and money

Provide protection of the building against external factors

Do not support the development of mold and rotting processes

Prevent heat loss

Do not deform over time

Do not fade when exposed to the sun