2D Decking

TardeX 2D decking is made of polymer composite materials that are resistant to various external factors (moisture, sun, temperature, etc.). Due to this, the decking of Ukrainian production is not afraid of rotting or wear, the effects of insects, bacteria or fungi, and it is also able not to lose its original appearance for a long time.

Production of 2D Decking

The unique technical characteristics are ensured by the peculiarities of production process. This composite material consists of wood flour and polypropylene. This composition provides pleasant tactile properties of the board, close to the natural wood, the warmth of the coating, but at the same time completely devoid of the disadvantages of natural material.

Due to the special WPC, the decking may serve for many years for outdoor terraces, patios, belvederes or balconies without deforming or changing its appearance.

Advantages of WPC decking:

Easy assembly and disassembly

Strength and resistance to external factors

Moisture resistance

The reliable surface of the board is not susceptible to spot impacts (from shoes, furniture, etc.);

Easy to care for - household cleaning products are enough to remove dirt

Pleasant tactile sensations

Tardex 2D WPC may be used for:

Installation of Tardex 2D Decking

Installation of the covering of the terrace, belvedere or patio is made on a ready and smooth concrete screed. Removing any irregularities ensures a better quality of installation and a long service life of the board. And the resistance of the composite material to moisture and wear allows it to be used in almost any conditions.